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Slapped and 'You Ain't Gonna Do Nothing About It'?!

How valuable is an unopened gift? FYI: It is of very little value. So often we sit around asking God why? God why? Why can't I have this, or have that? Why does she have that and I don’t? Why is it so easy for him and so difficult for me?

Let’s try these questions on for size: Why would God give us a world changing gift, if we’re not going to use it? Why would He give us something so valuable when we have no room in our lives, our minds, or our hearts for it? Can’t you hear the “why (your name) why” back at you? I can, because it just slapped me right in my face, and I’ve decided to do something about it.

What is the benefit of having a mission, that I’m not going to accomplish?

A destiny, I’m not willing to explore?

I realized that God can just find someone else who would. I imagined God sending His angel to deliver to me, the biggest of blessings, the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life: MY DESTINY, but I’d be too caught up in the mundane to notice. My mission right there in his hands, but I’m too busy to see it, too caught up with the worries and cares of this life, that even if it slapped me in my face, I still wouldn't do anything about it. I wouldn't hear it - because I would be too distracted, too cluttered, too angry, too hurt, too caught up in feeling sorry for myself.

It wasn’t until I cleared out the clutter, that there was room for the wonderful, room for the magnificent, and enough space for exploration. You see "being free indeed" is about mobility, about forward movement, about clearing the path for the Glory, for it needs space to shine.

Now let’s get moving, moving out of our own way. Clearing the clutter, so as to listen and in the meantime getting ready for it!

For what you’ve been hoping for is coming and will slap you in your face, and what are you going to do about it? ~ OH

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