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The Pains, The Problems, The Hurts. . . It’s for Greatness' Sake!

When you wake up to a problem remember it’s - For Greatness’ Sake!

Greatness is the thing you’re longing for and it’s the place you want to be. It’s your soul’s joyous noise that you hear after success. It’s your gift purely expressed but it comes by way of pain, problems and hurts…. but ~oh it’s worth it!

When you can’t understand why it hurts so bad,

recall it’s - For Greatness’ Sake!

Pain is just a signal which points you to something, to a particular place. Pain in the body, in your relationships, at your job, in your soul is screaming, “Hey there’s something wrong going on in here”. It’s greatness refusing to be ignored. It’s calling out for your attention. It’s not just making noise to make noise, it’s trying to get - all eyes on me - so that you can solve the problem. You have a choice. You can either solve the problem, or silence it. But what will you do?

When you don’t want to get out of bed,

remember you must - For Greatness’ Sake!

Pain is a prerequisite for greatness. How you see pain matters. Pain is not a college course. It’s not “Greatness 101.” It’s much more foundational than that. It’s more like middle school Algebra. It’s the stuff you learned earlier in life and it’s vital to all of your next levels. You remember Algebra right?! It was when the whole math game switched up on you. It was a little more complicated than counting fingers and toes, or memorizing your time tables. It was when you had to learn words like variables, expressions, exponents, etc. It was the first time you saw alphabets next to numbers. Remember when your brain was like “Hey, wait a minute, what the heck is this?” And you soon learned, that your toes couldn't get you out of this mess. Haha! Then you figured out Algebra’s not just math! It’s a puzzle. This is when you learned how to read numbers and multiply letters just so you could solve the problem, so you could get the grade. You did it “FOR GREATNESS’ SAKE!”

When the struggle gets real remember it’s - For Greatness’ Sake!

Think about it for a moment, think about every hurdle you’ve gotten over, there she was - that feeling of Greatness. For every mountain you climbed, she was there greeting you – “Oow YES, you’re great,” she whispered! For every victory won: Greatness YES! In those moments you knew it, you heard it: Greatness. Those moments were just a glimpse. Was it hard? Well, yes! But was the pain worth the heart pounding, joyous, wonderful feeling of greatness? You know what, it was! So from now on see every problem as a puzzle, every situation as a variable, every heart break as an expression. You’ve learned and have in you what it takes to solve the next problem. Sure you can go and find a temporary pain reliever. Yeah it may work for the moment, hushing the pain to sleep, but it’s only asleep. Because this pain is on a mission. What’s the mission? It’s your soul’s mechanism to ensure that you get better.

You see, how you read pain will play a huge part on your path to Greatness. You can sit in front of a problem all day and complain about how you hate it, and how it makes no sense. You can even scream it’s just too hard and that it makes your head hurt. Even worse, you can get up from the table and say the heck with it. But don't forget, that problem exists so that you may have the opportunity to carve out your new path to greatness. And if you don’t return to the table and face that problem, you are simply delaying your own journey to greatness.

Greatness will not arrive at your door one glorious morning. Greatness is behind that door. Yes, that door, the one you must kick down. Well, that’s if you want it. So get up! Get out! Get ready! Get going!


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