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About me

I am Osharye Hagood (pronounced Oh-sha-ree Hay-good), but don't worry, you can just call me “Oh”.  

Passionate living came for me at a price. It cost me “likes,” it even cost me "love" and so I wasn't surprised when it actually cost me money.  Oh but the reward!  It was nothing like those empty benefits, those momentary flares of false joy that "trying to fit in" brought.  It never left me high and dry like that. 


I found Passion to be faithful, committed and persistent in nature.  She lives on task.  The problem came when she was drowned out by my useless attempts at acting like I was somebody. What a waste of my time.  Once I allowed passion to drive me, “acting” got kicked out of the car.


My view of life has changed and my passion is no longer lying dormant in my soul.  She wakes me up every morning ready to drive me into today’s exploration, and Oh I embrace the challenges and continue in my learning and growing each day. 


I have been leading people and coaching couples as a Spiritual Director and Life Coach for over 25 years. I'm a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Robbins-Madanes Certification Life Coach and Strategic Interventionist.  As a result of my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I understand and utilize a wide range of dietary and nutrition theories within the realm of my health coaching. I am proficient in time management, active listening and accountability. I educate and guide my clients to make behavioral changes resulting in improved nutrition and dietary habits, physical ability, and overall greater health and wellness. 

Now, driven by my passion I am on a mission to help you discover yours so that you too may live a fulfilled and enriched life.


Why you need a Life Coach

Life Coaching is an invaluable gift.  It is an opportunity to have your very own personal "Oprah" (haha… just kidding), well more like having plenty of your own “ah-ha” moments. The gift of a Life Coach is so beneficial. It allows for an additional set of trusted eyes, to help you experience success in accomplishing your life's goals.  Look at the list below.  If you desire any of the following, chances are you may need a Spiritual Director and Life Coach:

If you want to experience any of the following in your life or the life of your marriage:

  • Balance

  • Clarity

  • Creativity

  • Joy

  • Productivity

  • Success

  • Less stress

Want help discovering your (personally or as a couple): 

  • Passion

  • Purpose

Need (personally or as a couple):

  • Inspiration

  • Support

  • Accountability

  • Encouragement

Sign up today for your free consultation, see the Let's talk link below.

Life Coaching

I presently serve the Southern California area offering individual and marriage coaching (Holistic Care & Assessments) and *“Conversations with Oh" (an interactive group coaching session)

My "Action" personal coaching package is available for the individual who would like a thorough assessment of their life. This package includes a twelve week (bi-weekly), 90 minutes in person session.  It also includes a once-a-week email check-in.  My "More Active" personal coaching package includes a twelve week (weekly), 90 minutes  in person session. Each include accountability, and assistance in discovering your gift(s), removing life's clutter, staying organized, and reaching your life goals.


*Conversations with Oh sessions are held once a month, this workshop allows individuals to discover, explore and express. Conversations with Oh is a topic based workshop, ranging from discussion and exploration about your life, your kitchen, your job, your health, your goals, and your gifts.  This workshop is fun, energetic and outright life changing!  It's one of my favorite things. 

*Due to COVID-19, all Conversations with Oh activities are suspended until further notice.


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Life Coaching


Let's talk

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